Eliud Kipchoge, marathon GOAT, will try again to break the two hour marathon mark in the Ineos159 challenge this fall in London. And I want to be part of it! #breaking2

#breaking2, #2 – let me be part of it!

Dear Eliud, dear Sir Ratcliffe and Ineos, dear Nike, dear Mr. Brasher, dear NN-running team,
it’s been two years now that you, Eliud, amazed me with your 2h00’25 run on the Formula 1 racetrack in Monza, Italy. Beforehand, I would never have thought anything this fast would be possible. But again, you proved that you are the greatest ever in the marathon!

But Eliud is not only a fast runner. What I think is amazing, is that he always is healthy and in great shape when he races. The consistency of great performances is stunning! Ten consecutive victories in big races, with an Olympian gold medal and a world record is absolutely outstanding. Impressive is furthermore that he is smiling when things get tough. I admire you, Eliud, for smiling while pushing really hard on last few k in the first #breaking2 attempt or back in Berlin when Tola broke away and you again smiled and chased him down.

#breaking2, number 2

So the last time, there have been doubts whether the two hour barrier really was in danger. As Eliud has exceeded all expectations and has seemingly only gotten better since the first #breaking2 attempt, this time it’s really getting serious! Everybody’s mindset has changed. That’s why I think a second attempt in London is a great idea. Small improvements like these will make the difference.

And I thank you, Sir Ratcliffe, for making this possible. This surely is a project which has the power for showing mankind the fascination of running.

Think big!

While I think that a lot of good could be done with the money that is spent on the project – thinking of plastics and fracking on the side of Ineos as well as a world-wide anti-doping campaign instead of just wanting faster times on the side of Nike – this time I really am excited for the second attempt of #breaking2. As you said, Mr. Ratcliffe:

“What’s wrong with investing a bit of that [money] into sport, good challenges and some good people? Eliud is the best marathon runner there has ever been. This will be very inspirational – and get kids putting running shoes on.”

The goals for a greener planet still must be propelled forward urgently and independently as there is no point in having proven humans to be able to run the magic 42,195 km sub two hours when there won’t be a planet to live on in a couple of years. I hope you keep in mind the enormous importance of a healthy planet.

But focusing on the sport, I am thrilled about the second try. No human is limited! But as the name Ineos represents the „dawn of something new and innovative“, there also has to be something new about #breaking2. So, here’s my idea:

The reason for this letter

As Eliud put it, the project is not only to write history, but “to show the world that when you focus on your goal, when you work hard and when you believe in yourself, anything is possible”. So #breaking2 is not only for the greatest of all time to break the two-hour barrier, but for all of us who strive for (personal) greatness.

That’s why I want to be part of it. I want to run in London, pushing limits and exceeding expectations. Hard work and self-believe will make it happen. Why not choose a couple of guys like me (2h37 PB) and make us run sub2h30 right before the #breaking2 attempt? Why not choose a couple of other guys with sub3 PB’s and make them run 2h45? This would not only be a great prelude to Eliud’s race but would prove the concept with everything around: the best preparation, the best pacemakers (they wouldn’t even have to be rotating in our case), the best nutrition and the best shoes. No human is limited.

Secondly, I would love to report about the #breaking2 attempt. As I am not only writing for my blog (laufenhilft.de) but also for the online journal LaufReport, I have a lot of experience in thrilling writing about running, that let’s people want to go out and run. Let me support you being inspirational and get people putting running shoes on!

Finally, as I got a PhD in engineering, maybe I will be the one who has the last little idea that will speed Eliud up by the decisive second. Let’s write history together – let me be part of it!